The Memory of Water

A collection of womenswear knitwear

I was inspired by a song called Memory of Water, which can make people feel the softness of water, like being surrounded by layers of seawater on a summer night.  This is the private memory belonging to the author and water.

This got me thinking: Does water itself have a memory?

For me, the memory of water is its three states: solid, liquid and gas, so my project is mainly inspired by the molecular structure of water in different states, extracting the structure of fishing nets, fish scales and crocheting Combining craftsmanship with weaving to make ready-to-wear. In my works, people’s inherent impression of the color, shape, touch and other characteristics of water is broken. It can be soft and fluid, or hard and still. I want those who see my work to look more closely at things in life and discover beauty from unusual perspectives.

My project takes the molecular structure of water in different states as the development direction, extracts different molecular structures and uses a combination of crocheting and weaving to make garments. Mainly in large silhouette, 2cm and 5cm thick ropes are used to reflect the wrapping and hard characteristics of water, and 2 to 6mm thin ropes are also used to simulate the softness and fluidity of water.