The Maid, The Bride, The Body

“The Maid, The Bride, The body” (2022), the hoop skirt could be regarded as the most important symbol within my practice, originated in collages, then pushed my practice forward to paintings and small scale ceramics. I exploited the hoop skirt as a blank paper to make collages. I questioned myself whether I could employ cyberspace as a new environment to express my concepts on women’s body and gaze. This was done though an online performance with the hoop skirt. This performance was inspired by Laura Mulvey’s film theory. This theory gave me the insight to explore how the Eastern women’s body would be reshaped by the digital filter and techniques within cyberspace. By projecting the keyword “gaze” into a specific context, to investigate the new cultural meanings of “ gaze” and “filter” in the context of social media.

The Maid, The Bride, The Body.

Videography: Lynne Zhao

Installation, printed collage, 2022