SUBSIST Editorial Mission Statement

SUBSIST is an LGBTQIA+ publication for artists by artists. We want to foster a community for people to connect and share work. We want to give a spotlight to writers and artists who might not otherwise have one. From painting, photography, poetry, and prose, SUBSIST is a safe space for queer people to be their authentic selves. We’re committed to making sure that everyone feels welcome.

SUBSIST aims to bring three different artists together in one publication that will only be shared physically with them — functioning as a makeshift pen-pal agency if you will. At its core, SUBSIST is a place to share ideas, thoughts, and art, whilst at the same time bringing people together that may not have had the chance to find each other in their own locale.

Much like FILE (1972-89), in which contributors sent in artworks, writings, and miniatures and were thus distributed within the mailing list. I aim to create a network of Queer artists who can also share their works and develop new friendships and bonds. This will be done by adding the artists to a private Discord channel to share whatever they wish, with a public channel for the public/readership to contribute to.

Though the printed publication will only be shared with the artists, there will be a free-to-download, digital version for the wider readership.

Featured in this issue:

K Delerue (they/them)

insta – @kjfdeleru


Clo Sargent (they/them)

insta – @cs.artist


JM Nel (they/them)

insta – @jn.illo