Rental infusion assistant

This product is designed to address cold infusion situations where the infusion fluid temperature is too low due to the cold room temperature experienced by the general patient. It enhances the general patient experience by providing ‘non-essential’ assistance that hospitals do not provide to general patients.

Users need to rent a single product at the base placed at the nurses’ station before using it. The scenario-specific rental model allows for increased usage of the product and saves costs.

Once rented, the user has to use the product by wrapping it around the infusion tube.

When the photoelectric sensor detects the end of the infusion, the hook part of the product rotates slightly to jam the infusion tube.

The base at the nurse’s station receives a message from the individual product that the infusion is complete and the backlight comes on to remind the nurse to go and help the patient to finish the infusion.




Stopping the infusion