Perpetual Constant

This collection Celebrates the beauty of the human body, this series explores how clothing can shape the body’s graceful curves and muscular lines. Inspired by Yukio Mishima’s pursuit of the timeless perfect human body in classical works of art, the series is based on the study of sculpture, human muscle structure, and painting, and explores how classical art can express the graceful lines of the human body through sculpture and painting.

The key development work for the collection is the wet body shape, the segmentation that conforms to the body’s curves, and the contouring that accentuates the figure. When creating this collection, great attention was paid to the comfort of the wearer and the use of high-quality craftsmanship and natural fabrics.

Outcomes from the collection include tailoring and segmentation to highlight beautiful body lines, rounded pockets that accentuate muscles, and sheer tops with delicate pleats that look like wet clothes.

In the future, I hope to combine ergonomics and sustainable concepts to make workwear better-looking, more fashionable and more comfortable. For example, it is studied to replace metal products and plastic products with some traditional crafts, reuse some second-hand clothing, and increase the functionality, comfort and durability of clothing to achieve the purpose of responsible design.