Narrative of light

This project was my narrative exploration of light, and I combined it with the psychology of color to explore how light and color affect one’s perception of space. Through my research, I have found that different shades and brightnesses of light can alter one’s perception of the temperature, quality, sense of time, and space in a space. I created an installation using this property for a fast-paced urban population. I have divided the area into two parts; in the first part, I use the concept of sensory overload to represent a state of accelerated time, forced to receive a large amount of information and spatially out of control, thus giving the experience a brief moment of pleasure. However, space-time compression inevitably leads to a loss of distance, and contemplation and meditation are abandoned in the momentary shock of the experience. In the second part of the space, I guide spiritual release through light, creating a contrast with the first part of the space, with the ultimate aim of enabling people who have lost themselves in fast-paced life to disconnect, connect, meditate and then reconnect with the world through sensory impact.



Time Acceleration

Information Overload

Out of Control

Darkness Perception

Solitary Space

Meditation Space