This project explores man as an individual, the corresponding changes in the space he is in when he faces physical and psychological changes, and the possibility of spaces and atmospheres of despair, resistance and even dread.

I use a relatively subjective narrative to show the changes in space, with the aim of becoming more immersed in the story to feel what the protagonist is feeling. My experiment is only one of the possibilities of this spatial atmosphere of confrontation with pain, and I do not offer a specific and simple answer to it, as such spaces need to be continuously explored and understood in order to deduce a better solution to this pain.

story of the alienation

I set a story in near future time, and the protagonist of my story is a human infected by an alien virus, who lives in this water tower-like building, waiting for his transformation.


Throughout these three different stages, the protagonist gradually undergoes physical alienation, and as he discovers the fact of his captivity.In this circumstance, the physical alienation leads to gradual difficulties in his life, and the living space becomes a cage in which he is trapped.The severe psychological stress leads to stereotypical behaviour.