3D Modelling and Retopology

3D Modelling with Autodesk 3ds Max was used to recreate a model of the upper arm and its anatomies, such as the muscles, blood supply, nerves and attachments. A reference image was provided as a guide. To provide texture medical images and photoshop was used.

Retopology: Two vertebra models were provided for retopology, this was to improve the structure and reducing the polycount for higher visual quality and efficiency. Upon completion of this process, medical materials and a bump map were applied to provide a final texture. Both the vertebrae and arm models were rendered with lighting effects and an animation to show the work undertaken in Adobe After Effects.

Arm Modelling 3dsMAx

Arm Modelling with 3dsMax




Retopology 3DSMax

Final video of vertebrae and arm show cased in Adobe After Effects