The gibbering mass of hideous dretch shoved me before the great sandstone throne, cloaked in shadows. Glints of ruby glittered from a dark, coiled mass; scales, and jewels, and, I feared, blood.

“KNEEL, MORTAL,” she thundered. Her voice was deeper than an earthquake. My knees buckled; my gut turned to ice. 



Species: Marilith

Huge Fiend (Demon/Tanar’ri), Chaotic Evil


Armor Class: 18 (natural armor: scales)

Hit Points: 420 (30 d12 + 150)

Size: 30ft long, 2.5 tons

Speed: 80 ft/turn


STR: 20 DEX: 22 CON: 19 INT: 22 WIS: 23 CHA: 25


Saving Throws: STR+9, DEX+8, INT+8, CHA+10

Damage Resistance: cold, acid, piercing, slashing, bludgeoning, all non-magical attacks

Immunities: poison, fire, electric, fright, charm

Senses: Truesight 200ft, Passive Perception 15

Languages: Abyssal, Infernal, Celestial, Undercommon, Draconic, Telepathy 120ft

Challenge Rating: 25 (80,000 XP)


Innate Spellcasting: Zelldethourn may cast the following spells without components:

At will: Animate dead, firebolt (max level), telekinesis, bestow curse (9th level), phantasmal force, disguise self, identify, dominate monster, dimension door, eyebite.

3 times/day: polymorph self, polymorph other, finger of death, dispel magic (9th level), etherealness, greater invisibility.

1 time/day: geas (9th level), true polymorph.

Mystic Theurge: Zelldethourn is a master spellcaster, capable of casting both arcane magic, as a Level 19 Sorcerer, and divine magic (by channeling the chaotic evil energies of the Abyss), as a Level 16 Cleric.

Twisted Wish: In exchange for the soul of a mortal, Zelldethourn may cast wish on that mortal’s behalf as a free action. Upon death, said mortal will appear in Zelldethourn’s menagerie as a larva. Zelldethourn will inevitably twist the wording of the mortal’s wish to her own ends.


Dominion Rod: 6ft brass rod set with a ruby mined from the heart of Nessus; forces submission. (+6 unholy greatclub, 2d10 bludgeoning, may be used to cast dominate person [9th level, 3 charges/day], shatter [9th level, 5 charges/day])

Cold Iron Knife: 1.5ft iron dagger, beaten cold from iron mined in Mechanus; cuts away lies. (+4 vorpal dagger, 1d10 piercing/slashing, may be used to cast discern lies [9 charges/day],  invisibility purge [7 charges/day], geas [9th level, truthspeaking, 3 charges/day])

Golden Leash: 10ft whip made of unicorn leather; binds victims to service. (+5 whip, 2d6 slashing, may be used to cast geas [9th level, servitude, 3 charges/day])

Magical Items:

Book of Names: basilisk leather bound spellbook. Contains the truenames of nearly every sentient being Zelldethourn has encountered. (may be used to cast dominate person as a free action on any sentient being Zelldethourn has met before; upon meeting a new being Zelldethourn will use any means possible to determine that being’s truename, including deception, charm, dominate person, intimidation, or geas)

Cutting Key: Magical key flaked from obsidian mined on the border between the elemental planes of fire and earth; the key’s teeth are razor sharp. Can cut through the veil between worlds. (can cast gate [3 charges/day])

Moon Mirror: Magical mirror crafted from quicksilver gifted from the Unseelie Court; reveals the viewer’s most fervent desire and deepest fear. (can cast detect desires [9th level] or fear [9th level] as a free action)

Zelldethourn is an extremely dangerous elder marilith. Like most marilith, she enjoys manipulating events from the shadows, but unlike her sisthren she rarely enters combat herself, and prefers to employ her prodigious spellcasting abilities from a distance. Despite being an elemental of the Abyss and a being of pure chaos, Zelldethourn has an unusual grasp of lawful mindsets, and is adept at manipulation through magical debts, oaths, and geasa. A collector of servants, familiars, and minions, she will almost always be accompanied by various animal companions, including her abyssal cat familiar Sodrillion, and a number of goblinoid viziers and courtiers. Being an incarnation of pride, she revels in her appearance and prefers to be naked, adorned only in lingerie and jewelry of legendary value.

Marilith. OIl and mixed media on canvas, 32"x40", 2021.


OIl and mixed media on canvas, 32"x40", 2021.
For Sale: price on request