People with visual impairments has taken up a huge part of population. Lives of this group, especially those live alone, have always been a huge topic. For those people, the cooking process is now reached still mostly relying on personal experiences and additional assistance. Safety during cooking has been seriously focused on as a basic requirement, while no more details focused.


Legibilis (late Latin “that can be read”) is a set of products combined with innovated seasoning package and an accompanied
smart storage, which reduces complexity of the measuring process during cooking and provides nevigation to ensure accuracy.

This is a project focusing on human factors for visual impaired people, while also being inclusive to meet various scenarios.

User Scenario Simulation of Legibilis

The set was designed for automating the process of item navigation during cooking for visual-impaired people and turning the process into an interactive operation. Physical indicators were essentially designed for the structure to improve convenience and feasibility associated with the interactive function.