Inner Conflict and Gayness

Inner Conflict and Gayness was a Solo Show of Yves Leather’s Work and in collaboration with Photographer Jack Thomson at The Barnes Garage Space. Sponsored by The Pipe Works & GSA Student Association. 23rd – 25th March 2022

This exhibition came out of a series of conversations with Yves, Curator Ciaran MacDomhnaill & Artist Andy Murray. Ciaran decided to included the various conversations in the exhibition booklet as an insight into creative process of Yves’ work.


Saramago, 17th of March 2022

CIARÁN: I just want to record for myself because I’m writing the text for the exhibition, and I liked what you said about Yves’s work but I can’t remember it because you deleted the WhatsApp messages.

ANDY: I’m going to try my best to remember

CIARÁN: Your best? Three minutes ago, you said you’d remember it word-for-word

ANDY: I remember it word-for-word. It’s the artist’s job to be misunderstood and Yves is going to be misunderstood. Yves is an artist that wants to be in control of their semiotics. They want to make artwork that a dumb policeman will understand.

CIARÁN: I wonder who you are talking about (tone of sarcasm)

ANDY: Yves has the references in the paintings that are designed to allure such a radical simplicity: a rocket ship, a red gun etc. Certain colours which led to a basic signifier and signified systems.

CIARÁN: A structuralist kind of way?

ANDY: A structuralist idea of sexuality, aggressiveness, and also to war. Some artists don’t want to be criticised as being simple and being perceived as making ‘dumb policeman art’ because if they are perceived as making ‘dumb policeman art’ then you won’t know the subtlety. Because with – subtlety you can protect yourself intellectually. So the idea is that people create complex work be cause complexity can be protected. Most of the time the art has no ‘wall power’ from what I have noticed. It is all about the artist’s own reference system and then you need to know the symbols of that reference system and most of the time you are not invited into the work. What I am trying to say is that Yves’s work is trying to do something..

YVES: I am here

ANDY: This is..

YVES: Carry on

CIARÁN: Did Yves just say “I am here?”

ANDY: Yes, they did. Yves is trying to do work that is so simple that is actually quite complex at the same time. He is trying to throw the viewer off, that they are simple references or simple symbols, but they are not simple!

CIARÁN: Yes, blatant symbolism

ANDY: What I admire about Yves is that they are so committed to the work and confident that – they have got their life and soul, insecurities, all the things that are conventionally anti-masculine, fragility, sensibility, loneliness, and other concerns.


ANDY: All the things that I have had to spend six months knowing and learning from Yves. Lust but not knowing how to programme it. They are in there but if 80% of the viewers don’t get it; is it successful work? I don’t know but I think they have made the right decisions doing it. The attitude “I can’t do it any other way”

You can find the rest of the transcript on the link below.

Glory Hole Spy

1200 x 1200 x 1980 Wood, Plaster, Steel, MDF, Spray Paint
For Sale: Price on Request

5 Loads

1200 x 1500 Chalk Paint, Wood, MDF
For Sale: Sold

Inner Conflict and Gayness

Cigarettes after Sex

500 x 500 Chalk Paint, Masking, Ink, Red Rocket, Plaster, Cigarettes
For Sale: Price on Request

Glory Hole Spy

Hunger Strikers

15min video of 3 Hunger Strikers preforming activities in their cells. One Painting, one eating, and the other is a DJ.


1200 x 1200 Paint, Wood, Masking
For Sale: Sold

Invade me Nicely

Wood, Lead, Metal, Red Rocket

He told me it was his first time

Clay, Wood, Red Rocket, Gold Leaf
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The Late Ciaran MacDomhnaill

The TriColour, Condoms, Poppers, PreP, Underwear, Socks, Politics, Self Portrait

Blowfish & Wrapper

Photographs of Yves Leather in Collaboration with Photographer Jack Thomson 841 x 1188
For Sale: Price on Request

I thought I could be Famous

Photograph of Yves Leather in Collaboration with Photographer Jack Thomson 841 x 1188
For Sale: Price on Request

Inner Conflict and Gayness

Inner Conflict and Gayness Poster