Folded Garments Research

I thought about lots of things when I was planning my travel packing, for instance, What kinds of things are important to me? What do I need most from all these things? Why did I choose to buy them? How to create minimalist life?  Minimalism is commonly referred to as simplifying the complex and pursuing the original essence of life. Therefore, I did some research about minimalist fashion designers, such as Jilsander and DZHUS (Irina Dzhus). As regards the concept of liberating from the complexity I learned, then, I did some attempts to fold the superfluous parts.

I have searched how to fold garments to make better use of the space and used striped garments to do folded research. The first and most obvious change is the interaction and direction of these strips. In my master’s project, they were designed into striped patterns and also developed into fabric. The second is the silhouette and structure that formed in the process of being continuously folded.