Courtesy of Nature- An Ephemeral Sensory Pavillion in an Urban Void

A catalyst is created within the urban fabric through the instrument of the pavilion for experiencing the landscape, placed within an urban void. The pavilion creates a transcendental place that forms in response to the location, natural conditions, and the people occupying the space.

The project discovers the inaccessible potential and activates the space to create a surrealistic experience. The nature of the site becomes one with the architecture and influences the skin, materiality and acoustical qualities. The dialogue between the edge conditions is transformed by the pavilion. A series of sensory experiences change and evolve through the path and time, with constant variations in the ground plane and materiality. The form, color and reflections are the initial architectural experiences of the pavilion. The secondary senses: hearing, touch, and smell are stimulated through a path of varying sensory moments and experiences. The architecture has been shaped by exploring the materiality of the fur as well as other issues that reflect the senses such as movement, balance, light, warmth, texture and rhythm.
The multi-sensory pavilion creates experiences, emotions, and memories within the urban void of the city. Blurring the line between inside and outside, an innovative public space is created that serves as a place of sanctuary and serenity. The extension of the structure becomes a cultural bridge and has a memorable affect on its visitors. The functions view, play, meditation or resting place, and work become moments within the space. Traces, indentations and remnants of the pavilion will leave its presence and memory within the occupant and the city

Contextual Study

Design Idea

Design Concept

Sectional Perspective

Interior Visualisations of the Nature Tunnel