Community and Future

The project’s goal was to co-create a collaborative examination of Govanhill’s future over the next five to 10 years. The future discussed matters to those who are connected to and live in Govanhill in some way.
This inquiry required us to understand Govanhill (via desk research and fieldwork), identify and engage with critical stakeholders, and develop, curate, and organise collaborative engagements with key Govanhill organisations and individuals.
The expected outcomes included a map of care and a vision for the future of Govanhill as an area keeping in mind its people, spaces and places.

Our map of stories is a way of using the rich assets provided by the people and spaces of Govanhill as a strong base for building a vision for the future rather than focusing on the lesser fortunate aspects in a negative light.

Why Stories?
We decided to focus on stories as every conversation we had about aspirations or visions for the future always seemed to link back to past incidents and present experiences and stories. This inspired us to use the very strong history and stories that made it – as a foundation and building blocks to envision a stronger future that included the aspirations and needs of the residents. This helps the change to not only be personal to the people but also form organically without any external intervention or interruption to what they do as a community.


Map of Stories: This project was done in collaboration with Hari Greenough, Jiongtao Tu, Ruoxue Yang and Yi Han.


Workshop for Community and Future