Children’s Activity Book Summer 2021

This book was created during the COP26 events as a response to the current climate crisis.

I decided to communicate this idea of misery and “unfairness” through an activity book. The ludic language helps to communicate meaning and statements through game rules. The games are unplayable. Once the viewer tries to play them, the will notice that there is no way to win the game. This is a metaphor for how life threatening those events can be.

Through game aspects, such as immersion, the book engages the viewer more intimately. Beyond the language of games I wanted to include the language of children. The book being aimed at them, has childish imagery, vocabulary and children are also the only ones with passive voices. This gives a child’s perspective of those events.

Greek Wildfires


Activity Book Cover

Beijing Dust Storm

Madagascar's Drought

Germany Floods

End Page

Left to right are represented the victims of each natural catastrophe