Aye Belong

Aye Belong

A strategic plan roadmapping Glasgow’s future landscape of belonging


Loneliness is a growing, complex, and detrimental issue. Amongst young adults, the amount of those impacted has been rising beyond other demographics, especially due to Covid isolation periods. Loneliness can negatively influence a young person’s social skills, ability to build relationships, and mental and physical health at a formative stage, causing lifelong repercussions. Despite this, much of the research and support that exists is geared towards the elderly population.


Following an assets-based approach, I collaborated with supporters to explore how current support can be revitalised, better connected, and adapted in order to work towards a person-led, accessible, and destigmatised socially inclusive future. We designed a roadmap that reinvigorates and connects the present support system, then introduces Aye Belong, a loneliness focused organisation into the network, and finally evolves to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and incorporate young adults into the landscape.

“If I can ask something of you then, Olivia. With the younger people that we’re supporting – that’s a big learning exercise for us now. We’re trying everything. If you’ve got any ideas of something that you think might help us identify that younger person that needs support, please let me know. The younger people are being just left to carry on. You can see it in the stats. You can see the mental health need for the younger people its just gone up so fast and sadly suicide and all this type of thing have really, really gone up. So that’s why I’m saying, if you’ve got anything that you can share with us, that can help us help people. Please do.”

People Like Us Coordinator

Aye Belong Strategic Roadmap