A new understanding of Chinoiserie

This is a collection of four entirely organza womenswear about “A new definition of Chinoiserie‘’.

My project is inspired by Chinoiseries, a fantastic Western imitation of Chinese customs. This Chinese Rococo style with its exotic customs, is like an oriental princess touring the world, enjoying dislocation and an alter ego.

This theme inspired my research focusing on silhouette, surface design and material. I mainly studied the silhouette of the Baroque and Rococo periods and some Chinois architectures of the 17th-18th century and delayed them for photography which allows more possibilities to explore the silhouette.

As for the pattern and fabric, the research is mainly focused on layering Chinese export flowers through blurred organza prints. In my design, I inspire and agelessness, what age women are, they can carry the mentality of a young girl and do not need to care about other people’s definition of them. All women can pursue to be themselves and shape the image of a retro girl who exudes a rebellious temperament. There are four outfits in the collection. Due to the special features of organza, multiple layers of organza patterns are hand-stitched before the complete garment is sewn. Four final garments are with layers of printed organza and sharp tailoring that collide to create a mix of soft and rigid effects.