Old board games were used to teach certain moral lesson depending on the culture. I really began to think and like the idea that space and interiors could potentially be used to morally teach someone something. Furthermore, undergoing a task was very important when it came to the narrative of life after death which was deeply expressed within the research I found on this transitional process within religious/cultural doctrine as well as it being a contributing factor to how liminal space operates as well, which I mentioned earlier. Specifically, number 2 – Liminal events and periods. Thus, this space also aims to incorporate that type of functionality.

What do I want to teach users?

As a society we are heading into a future that aims to be tech led. We are already seeing terms such as ‘digital deaths’ and ‘mind uploading’ being introduced using VR, metaverse etc which aims to be the future of human deaths. To have control of death. Death seems to be evolving. At the beginning, I was interested to incorporate this idea using technology to explore death but as I delved deeper my views changed on this. These concepts loosely already exist, concepts that are not regulated properly which can be harmful and scary. It was important for me to not convey that within this project. I don’t want people viewing my project to only see death as a painful experience, but rather one of moral importance.

In addition, I think people to an extent are sort of leaving our physical world behind in hopes of this new digital future, becoming less concerned with it. As much as people want to ignore it there remains serious social, economic and environmental issues going on in our physical realm if we want life to continue and have a future, which is something I want to highlight within my design as it fits into this idea of morality. I think one of the key messages as to why I’ve kept with the design of the spheres to represent and encapsulate the seven celestial realms is to show that such issues are happing on such a global scale within our own physical realm world – Earth. I think viewers of this project need to see the importance of our physical future as well as to remind people the nature and importance of life.

To define the task or event which will in turn develop what message I want to express within my design I analysed my collages to create illustrated word and imagery to begin to define its spatial narrative and to express what was going through my mind as I looked at them.