The design of the project is based on the topic of digital legacy, using the expression of virtual space to visualize the accumulation of digital legacy and the monitory by surveillance capitalism, challenging how to translate people’s behaviour on the internet into spatial forms. It also discusses personal data that we are not usually aware of and the issue of its privacy and the relationship between controlling and being controlled. I liken the attraction of the internet to people’s dependence on sugar, imagining a virtual sugar world after death using my own behaviour in the digital world as an example. Different types of spaces and materials are used to express the privacy and publicness and traceability of information. The project as a whole visually maps the online world with a gorgeous and colourful candy world, expressing the digital hegemony of surveillance capitalism and the beautiful emptiness behind the information explosion. It invites people to think about their digital legacy and the existence of individuals in both the virtual and physical worlds.

Digital Legacy --- I Wish I Could Die

A film showing the interior space and narrative development of the project

My digital legacy world rendering

Phone albums cake rendering

Spatialisation of media on phone albums include general photos, screenshots, live photos, selfies, videos

Phone albums cake interior rendering

general photos area

social media gallery cake rendering

the relationship between spaces

social media gallery cake interior rendering

Spatialisation of Instagram; Facebook; Twitter; RED, posting history

social media cinnamon roll rendering

Spatialisation of WeChat Moments posting history

formal documents and local materials cupcake rendering

Spatialisation of formal documents and local materials

cupcake interior rendering

Spatialisation of local material

interactive lollipop rendering

Spatialization of chat and comments history with others

One of the entrances

Showing how to access inside

porn cake

Spatial presentation of pornography search records

Porn cake interior rendering

The interior of the space expresses inner desires and fantasies using a central surround and the different forms of human-shaped candies.

digital asset gummy bear savings jar rendering

Spatialisation of digital assets

cloud cotton candy rendering

Spatialising cloud data storage

digital legacy city rendering

my digital legacy world is one of the building of the digital legacy city

digital legacy city rendering

The digital legacy city is still in a box and be monitored

digital legacy city rendering