I am a fashion designer working primarily with women/men silhouette design, pattern design and knitting design. My master’s collection focuses on deconstruct different outfits and recombine them with the basics. It incorporates an experimental design process that explores the concept of remake.

This collection has been inspired by a documentary film called 《Lonely Death》.Lonely death refers to a Japanese phenomenon of people dying alone and remaining undiscovered for a long period of time.I have researched the works of artist Damien Hirst and some ancient Japanese Buddhist paintings which describe the nine stages of decay. Fashion design for me is more than just making a piece of clothing. Through this project, I reflect the process of the death of the body through garment.

I cut different pieces of cloths to keep basic structure and seams, then I combined them with different basic garments. I want to show the death process of the disappearance of the body and through the process of dismantling the clothing to raise awareness of the phenomenon of lonely death. Also I began to research and look for different ways of deconstructing clothing and became interested in the concept of remake.

I think the final appearance of the collection is what I wanted.But with more time I could have perfected it.I hope to continue my research and exploration in this area in the future.

development and sketch