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Wenjia Huang

Wenjia Huang is an independent artist currently focusing on printmaking, delving into her practice, which involves integrating digital media with traditional printmaking. She tries to find the balance and artistic exchange between mythology, religion and science fiction.


The Deities

The Deities

This is a pop-up book, constructed purely with hand-made printmaking and in combination with Augmented Reality technology. This combination design drives the audience into a sense of multiple spaces, that is, an intersection and amalgamation between the painting, actual reality space, and the virtual digital space. Within these complex spaces, I attempt to explain and demonstrate the contradiction of control between humans and deities, reflected through the imagery of the mountains. This demonstration of control implicates human arrogance, hypocrisy, and utilitarian worship of mysterious force.

I attempted to integrate augmented reality to generate an intersection between the traditional and the contemporary. Mobile phones are an essential device for most modern individuals, worshipped similar to the gods in ancient times. For most of the new generation, the virtual world of mobile phones has turned into their contemporary ‘Deities’. The irony in which I’m trying to convey exists within a contrast between the 3D modelling on a flat patterned plate with the creation of three-dimensional spaced animations through a flat phone screen. The combination of reality and imagination brings one’s mind to consider the nature of deities’ existence, and their relationship with humanity.


The Birth

30 x 30cm Mezzotint


4 x 5cm Mezzotint

A part of the opposition

9 x 15cm Mezzotint

The opposition I

15 x 15cm Mezzotint

The opposition II

15 x 15cm Mezzotint

The opposition III

15 x 15cm Mezzotint

Prisoned One

6 x 8cm Etching


6 x 12cm Etching


64 x 32cm Etching