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Vinayak Arora

Product in context, with me

I am a passionate and creative product design engineer, driven by two key aspects, curiosity and challenges, which have been fundamental to being where I am today. In my designs, I like to combine unique and creative ideas, pursuing a perfect balance between reality and imagination. I strive to create human-centric products that are pleasing to the eye without compromising on performance, and where feedback and insights are paramount throughout the process. My favourite part of this course was, and is, the understanding of the design process that goes behind the design and development of a product – right from research planning, to sketching, prototyping, and creating scintillating computer simulations.

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HUSH – ‘Head-Up Show Hielaman’
Product in context, with me

HUSH – ‘Head-Up Show Hielaman’

HUSH is a modern-day Head-Up Display (HUD), which tackles the challenge of reducing distractions to the driver, inside and outside the vehicle. Distractions while driving is the leading cause of accidents and fatalities.

The product is designed to record the road up ahead via cameras and sensors to enhance the driver’s view and display it on a screen within the driver’s line of sight. The screen is overlayed with information essential to the driver and required for driving.

It is hoped that using this product will help reduce the distractions to the driver inside and outside the vehicle by keeping the driver’s focus on the road up ahead. It is achieved by putting up all the essential information while driving on the screen. The screen shows the road ahead via cameras and uses infrared and LiDAR sensors that help enhance the night visions under challenging conditions like – Foggy, Dark, Intense-Rain, etc.

The product can be retrofitted in current car models by replacing the existing Sun Visors with HUSH. HUSH also protects from sunlight getting into the driver’s eyes. All the electronics are placed in the roof panel, making the screen as thin as possible with an OLED panel, camera and sensor modules.

The product also has a ‘multi-direction’ button to help control and navigate the display in retrofitted cars. There are also LED lights to show the reaction and connectivity status – with the driver’s mobile phone. HUSH makes use of Torque Friction Hinges to rotate.