MLitt Fine Art Practice School of Fine Art

Susan Breckenridge

Susan Breckinridge is a mature artist based in Glasgow; her practice is formed around personal experiences, particularly her family and their relationship within everyday society. Her research is autobiographical. Using photographs, artefacts, treasured memories, and personal objects, susan forms mixed media works ranging from sound pieces and knitted blankets to casts and glass. These everyday objects often go unnoticed or are regarded as unimportant. However, they form the foundation of Susan’s work. This method acknowledges the space between objects and spaces, the uncanny and too familiar, and repositions them into an unfamiliar context, bringing them back into focus. As a result of using her home as her studio, her family inevitably becomes interweaved into her creative processes and conceptual understanding, making her work time-sensitive and, often, site-specific. Susan has collaboratively worked with various outside organisations to create rich bodies of work. Susan’s work interrogates a broader socio-political sphere, from mental health and incarceration to environmental concerns. Her most recent collection of work informs the audience that everyday objects can hold high value, and the ‘too-familiar’ should never be overlooked.