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Suraj Pookkattuparambil Suresh . (He/Him)

Being a Researcher, engineer, artist and a designer I have a talent to articulate complex concepts in simple terms, making it easier for stakeholders to understand and engage with the project. My efforts contribute in understanding business requirements and user needs by extracting customer insights & stories and creating experimental prototypes, installations, public art, advertising, designing innovative expereince & interactions as interventions.



The objective is identifying the specific gaps in the current customer experience design practices in the Finance industry and exploring how interaction design can fill these gaps.

After conducting research, a concerning trend emerged: a significant increase in local business closures. This urged me to explore how my project could assist. In this pursuit, I came across the New Moray LETS (NML), a genuine community-based Local Exchange & Trade System in Forres. NML employs a complementary currency (not Bitcoin!) to encourage local spending keeping wealth in the local economy as the currency is only accepted by the members and local businesses in NML.

Through a co-design workshop, a key challenge surfaced: NML’s experience suffered due to manual cheque exchanges and tech aversion among users. The aim is to enhance the NML experience and contribute to sustaining local economies effectively.

Addressing these issues, I foresee the potential for digital eyewear to replace smartphones in the near future. This leads to questions about interaction design and ethical considerations in such an environment. How should interactions be crafted? What ethical factors come into play? How will peer-to-peer payments occur?

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Project Mentor : Paul Smith

I would like to show you some of my explorations around bio-materials. I focused on giving life back to pre-existing materials, with a clear focus on sustainability, up-cycling and zero-waste techniques. I wanted to explore consumer perceptions of waste, in the hope to identify, communicate and understand why we as a society, enabled ourselves to dissociate from the overarching issue of ‘waste’ on our environment.

Material Library at the Highlands Innovation Campus

Orange Peel Material Exploration - Suraj P Suresh

Walnut Shell Material Exploration - Suraj P Suresh

Algae Material Exploration - Suraj P Suresh

Sea Weed Material Exploration - Suraj P Suresh

Mycelium Material Exploration - Circular Economy Students

Whisky Mash Material Exploration - Circular Economy Students


Team Members: Suraj P Suresh, Shashank Gedala
Collaborators: Ray Mills (Forres Heritage Trust), Marianne McInnes (Glasgow School of Art) & Dr Aude Campbell Le Guennec (Glasgow School of Art)

The Royal Hotel, acquired by The Glasgow School of Art in 2022 and transformed into student accommodation, offers a fascinating story when viewed through the lens of a designer.

Embarking on this research project was driven by my curiosity. Exploring the history and experiences intertwined within the walls of this building unveils a captivating narrative of continuity, adaptability, and the transformative power of spaces throughout time.

In this project, the Historical Research Methodology was employed, incorporating multiple research methods to unravel the captivating story of the building.

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12 Campbell's Royal Hotel


07FG 28-10-1873


Team Members: Aryaman Jacob, Shashank Gedala, Suraj P Suresh, Varanneya Thakore, Yaxuan Li
Project Mentor: Dr Christine Farion
Collaborators: Kev & Glyn (SurfABLE Scotland)

SurfABLE Scotland stands as Scotland’s pioneering surf school, designed for children with Additional Support Needs (ASN) as well. Offering both surfing and swimming lessons, SurfABLE provides a fully adaptive and inclusive experience.

Distinguished from standard surfing sessions, ASN surfing is tailored to accommodate individual needs. Dedicated coaches facilitate balance through the utilization of adaptive surfboards, expertly selecting ideal waves and providing necessary support to students throughout their sessions. This approach ensures a safe and enriching experience for all participants.


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