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Songjie Zhang (she/her)

A Service designer who interested in UX, Spectulative design and balancing social responsibility and commercial interests.





A new social security system to enable people with low income to earn from life in the future context.

In 2035, automation will continue to develop and mature, the cost of using basic robots will decrease, and low-skilled jobs will be replaced by automation on a large scale due to their high repetition and ease of replacement. Most workers are unemployed, and the few remaining low skilled human labours endure increased exploitation by capitalists for fear of losing their jobs. Ongoing parades and violent conflicts force the government to explore a new solution regarding work and social security for low-income workers.

A new social welfare system focus on work and financial condition of low-income group in an automated society. This system broaden the boundaries of “work” and “income”. All behaviors that will contribute to society are included in work, and income can be money, benefits or courses based on one’s own needs. Both low-income workers and the unemployed can benefit from the system to support their lives until they are qualified for a formal job.



Here comes the third year of covid-19, and the first year of Ukraine crisis. Continuous unpredictable crisis is forming a new normal and raise the concerns and anxiety among the people around the future. From a long-term perspective, a more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable society could give people more potential to adapt and survive in the ever-changing world.


This project started from a general topic about Financial resilience, and dived into how the employability forms the lives of people. After identifying the detailed issue in workplace, I realized its a complex social issue and set a step back and start to look at it in a holistic way. Re-define the workplace and social security system in the future context provides the current society a chance to reflect on the tough issue in the job market.