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Serene Alghamdi

I believe that the role of interior designers begins beyond the mere fulfillment of a space’s function. As an interior designer, I observe how spaces can transcend functionality and evoke deeper meaning from the user’s perspective

HOST – Underground Toilet

HOST – Underground Toilet

When HOST welcomes guests to their space, they change their behavior in a civil and hospitable way with the aim of creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. This new identity came forth in this specific situation.
The concept of multiple identities is central to human behavior. People have different identities that they use in different situations, and they may change their behavior, demeanor, and even their accents depending on who they are interacting with.

Erving Goffman believed that individuals actively construct and present different versions of themselves in different social situations, rather than having a fixed identity that exists independently of social interaction. This means that there is no true self and that individuals may behave differently depending on who they are with and what the situation demands.

This concept is similar to the behavior of particles in the Two Slits Experiment. The experiment shows that the act of observing particles changes their behavior. This is known as the observer effect, and it means that the act of measuring or observing particles changes their behavior in a way that is not seen when they are not being observed. Similarly, Goffman argued that the presence of others can change an individual’s behavior in ways that are not seen when they are alone.

My site (underground toilet) illustrates the concept of multiple identities as the space is detached from its surroundings. It can be seen as a backstage identity, where individuals can let their guard down and be themselves without the need to perform a particular role. The light coming through from above represents the observer, who can only perceive a small part of the space’s identity. This emphasizes the idea that individuals have a private identity that is not necessarily visible to others and is only revealed in certain contexts.