MDes Fashion & Textiles School of Design

Shuyue Li

I am a Chinese fashion designer that specializes in womenswear and works mostly with silhouettes, dedicated to providing women with a comfortable dressing experience. My master’s collection Anti-fit explores the relationship between the body and garments. Inspired by the insecurities I experienced while pursuing femininity. I believe that clothing is supposed to be comfortable and secure, but women who aspire to be feminine will always be constrained by it, extremely short skirts, high heels, etc. Women experience a lot of physical insecurity as a result of these feminine symbols. I intended to break the stereotype of women by providing security and freedom to female bodies. Developing wearable and comfortable womenswear I focus on designing garments that give women a sense of security, positive confidence, and femininity. The collection as an outcome, Anti-fit is a collection of womenswear that combined relaxed silhouettes and loose volume providing comfortable space for women and using cotton fabrics to enhance comfort. This collection stands out for its unconventional cutting approaches and twisted design. Enables the wearer to enjoy the safety and comfort of clothes while pursuing femininity.



This is a project about my insecurities while pursuing femininity. I hate maintaining the stereotypical female images all the time and the insecurity I feel when dressing. I think clothes are supposed to be comfortable and bring a sense of security, but women are always bound by clothes in their pursuit of femininity, tight crop tops, ultra-short skirts, high heels, etc. These symbols of femininity bring a lot of physical insecurity to women. Therefore, there are times when my body longs for freedom, liberation, and security. So, this project will explore the relationship between clothing and the body, so that clothes can bring women a sense of security and comfort, and allow them to stay in the safety of their world.