MSc Product Design Engineering School of Design

Shuo Wang

I used to be a mechanical and electrical engineer, working to solve mechanical engineering problems. In this year’s master’s study, I not only learned knowledge of product design but also changed my perspective on observing things and solving problems. Compared with mechanical design, product design systematically tries to solve problems on a larger scale. I am interested in changing the use process and background of products to better meet the needs of users and solve problems. In this master’s project, I tried to increase people’s willingness and enthusiasm to plant trees in a sustainable way.

Reforestation of the Glasgow urban area

Reforestation of the Glasgow urban area

Project description:

Glasgow Council aims to increase Glasgow’s urban tree cover from 16% to 20% by 2030. Achieving this goal will require the efforts of all Glasgow residents. In addition to professional tree planting organizations, the main groups of tree planting are residents, school children and volunteers. However, according to my research, some groups, such as current college students, have little experience planting trees. Therefore, my product hopes to increase people’s willingness to participate in planting trees so that users do not have to wait passively for some tree planting organizations to organize activities. I hope they can find the right place to plant trees through my products, get the proper tree planting knowledge, and plant trees in a more convenient way.