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Shona Barrett (She/Her)


I am a 26-year-old Design Innovation and Service Design MDes student with a particular interest in designing services for those in our society who are the most vulnerable. I have worked on projects for children who have experienced trauma, homeless people, and those experiencing compassion fatigue and bereavement during my time at University. I am currently a volunteer at Kibble Education and Care Centre and have a PVG certificate as I am looking to gain further experience working with trauma-experienced children and would love to get my final project funded, please see more on this in the projects section.


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Breaking the cycle

Breaking the cycle

“Breaking the cycle” is a project which set out to design a service to help children, who go through adverse childhood experiences, grow into functioning and fulfilled adults. This was done by gathering the valuable opinions of those who work in child services and also those who have suffered from current system failings to co-design a service that would achieve that!

I am looking to get feedback on and help funding this project, so if you are interested please send me a message via LinkedIn or my personal email.