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Sharon Marcelis (She/Her)

Design Researcher first;

Throughout in-depth primary and secondary research and I want to create valuable insights based on a wide range of sources distilled into meaningful data-based content with a holistic and systematic focus. I’m well known for a wide range of research methods specializing in interviews, journey maps, and brainstorming techniques.

Social/product designer background;

With my background in Product design (from 2007 onward) problem solving, creating, and prototyping became my strong-suit. My focus lies in social solutions and communication tools with a human-centered holistic approach to a wide range of implementations.

Lived experience as a base;

The key to a successful and meaningful project is understanding who you work for and with. Having lived experience or/and familiarity with the topic beforehand makes a big change it creates a bond of mutual respect which leads to a deeper understanding on empathic levels. This is an important base for me in every project i
participate in.

Multi linguistic applicability;

During my academics, I chose to go beyond the dutch borders for study and internships to gain expertise and become multi-linguistic. Adopting English and German to be my second languages on a professional and fluent level. Taking multi-linguistic opportunities during my academics gave me access to wider studies which did arise due to studying during Covid times resulting in semi-global/European implementable results.



Portfolio website
Living with Hyperacusis comic
Reducing mental health issues in Children of divorced/ separated parents
Voice the unvoiced
Our shared planet

Living with Hyperacusis comic

One of the many possible issues you can face when you have acquired brain injury could be Hyperacusis which means over sensitivity to sound. To make this easier to understand and explain to others i created this comic book during my elective.

The Comic book is the first in a series of symptoms for people with acquired brain injury’s in collaboration with Headway’s Glasgow. this comic is a is black on cream hand drawn draft version and not for sale

Reducing mental health issues in Children of divorced/ separated parents

For all the children of divorce and separation.


Child of divorce and separation thesis project presentation

Voice the unvoiced

Voice the unvoiced is a project commissioned for the NHS with a focus on patients with brain and spinal-cord injuries. we look into the rehabilitation system trough interviews, desk research, interventions with specialist to discover a big loop in the system. focusing to the unvoiced patient who will to back and fort in between rehabilitation’s we decided to design the system for those who fall trough the system to be able to give better service to everyone.

in collaboration with; crew, ms patient organisation, NHS, private care and more.

my team; Hanna Heaton, Wu Yue, Haoning (Lauren) Liu, Jiaxin Dai

Voice the Unvoiced presentation.


With Invisabilities we looked into hidden disabilities and how much people struggle with the effects an needs associated with their disability. As a solution to this we created a new symbol which represents invisible disabilities/illnesses to be used in public areas to create a space specifically for people with non-visible disabilities/illnesses to use, such as seats on public transport, toilets, parking spaces etc.

Invisible disabilities/illnesses are not always apparent, physical or obvious to see symptoms of, but can cause difficulties with carrying out day-to-day activities for a lot of people. Some examples include: M.E, M.S, fibromyalgia, autism or diabetes.

In collaboration with: Martyna Sykta, Yuhao Zhu, Rosie Stobbie and Marissa Galeota


Invisabilities symbol

Our shared planet

What would you say if you ware a river?

Final shared project of stage 1 with the focus on bio mimicry, ecology, and symbiotic relationships between all the flora and fauna on the planet that we share.

in collaboration with; Martyna Sykta, Yuhao Zhu, Rosie Stobbie and Marissa Galeota.

presentation of Our shared planet project.