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Sharanya Sribabu

An ardent learner and a multi-disciplinarian, I am keen on enabling businesses and organisations to forge services, products, and interactions that are easy, intuitive and inclusive.

Simply put, I am passionate about problem-solving, breaking down complexities in a system, and ideation more than any discipline in design or an industry vertical.

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Transforming Learning Environments at Workplaces

Transforming Learning Environments at Workplaces

While current circumstances demand that technologists today be lifelong learners, many education systems and organizations are not set up to support this kind of learning.
Currently, initiatives in large tech organisations include access to learning platforms, but it fails to recognise the fact that employees have different learning styles, and preferences.
Lack of time, limited opportunity to apply what they have learnt upon training completion impedes their interest and growth.

My idea imagines a future where learning is celebrated and ingrained in the organization’s culture. It begins with the integration of existing systems into one, called Learning Hubs
and then proposed a strategy for establishing an inclusive, transformational learning culture and environment.

This is an initiative wherein employees will be encouraged, supported, and offered environments to learn in the preferred way, practise, experiment, and foster innovation at all levels. Employees have the tools and infrastructure to build POCs and pitch them to stakeholders. With this, employees have greater autonomy in forging their paths within organisations.
Organisations will benefit from the disruptive ideas that arise due to experimentation and facilitate continuous learning.

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