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MLitt in Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art)

At a time of unprecedented instability for societies across the globe, with creative practitioners and arts ecosystems facing stark challenges, it is heartening to see the many different ways in which our students in the MLitt Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art) programme have continued to make work over the last few months, under pandemic restrictions. The projects and research they are presenting speak not only of resilience and a deep commitment to contributing meaningful conversations and connections at a time of isolation, but also their ability to rethink what creative practice means and how it can retain a vitality and relevance in today’s uncertain world.

Their Degree Show presentation proposes empowering and nuanced reframings of identity, through Cat Dunn’s multi-layered digital project NOWYOUSEEUS, platforming the lived experiences of womxn of colour with Afro-Caribbean hair, Hannah Braithwaite’s publication having been touched on the surface, focusing on the experiences of three queer women and their relationship to queer space and queer friendship, and Beatriz Lobo Britto’s research on decolonial curatorial approaches drawing together Black Feminist Poethics methodology and Lygia Clark’s practice in order to conceptualize a practice of refusal.

A parallel concern has been how to support artists to continue to make work outside of the studio, particularly for Hannah Bennassi, whose publication Expanded Attitudes has provided a space for three contemporary painters to reflect on their practice and experiment with different working processes during lockdown, and Joseph Henry, producer of the film Healing In A Broken World, interweaving musicians’ and artists’ appeals to creativity as a form of therapy that can help us adapt and bounce back.

Interlinked with this is the consideration of how to positively influence local art scenes through curatorial research. Dia Cao and Luke Liu have used the lockdown period to interview artists and curators where they live, assembling the digital archives Dia-Logue and Hemp Rope, from which embedded curatorial interventions will ensue.

The last few months have also provided impetus for reimagining and interrogating the boundaries of what curators do. Through both writing and video, Grace Jackson has explored the work of Vaginal Crème Davis resulting in the dual project Unruly forms of Care and From My Bedroom to Yours, in which she explores Davis’ work through academic and amateur curatorial methods, by obscuring binaries. Yihang Hu’s on-line exhibition Phenakites are forever draws our attention to deception as both social phenomenon and preamble to change, while Claude Chan’s dissertation delves into the possibilities of expanding posthuman curatorial practices.

Work by Cecelia Graham, Kate Holford, Katherine Murphy, Alison O’Shea, Shalmali Shetty, Grace Thomson, Marianne Vosloo and Katarzyna Zawada, who are pursuing extended study, will be presented in the Showcase throughout the Autumn and spans themes of care, interventions in public space, inequalities laid bare by Covid, play, hauntology, fiction and digital activism. These will be presented on the platform over the coming months. All of these students, both showcased here and those selecting to extend their study over the next few months have shown an incredible amount of integrity, creativity and resilience despite the great many challenges with which the context has presented them. They are an ethical, articulate and truly caring group of curatorial researchers and practitioners.

As well as commending our students for the bold and intricate ways in which they have carved out spaces for curatorial agency, we would like to warmly thank this year’s Visiting Tutors James Bell, Judit Bodor, Gordon Douglas, Patrick Jameson, Ainslie Roddick and Max Slaven, whose perspectives and continued encouragement have thoroughly supported, enhanced and grown the programme in an array of innovative ways as we have worked across the digital platforms and navigated the complications of the current moment.

Monica Laiseca and Dr Alexandra Ross

ÚNA Fest

ÚNA Fest is a non-for-profit festival aiming to enhance cross-cultural exchanges between Latin America and Scotland, blur boundaries and build stronger ties between peoples, nations and landscapes through symbolic means of dialogue, music, film and art

Seen in the Dusk

A project by Jina Song and Martha Panagiotopoulou. SEEN IN THE DUSK transforms Gallery One into a place in-between day and night, and invites the audience to a performance in three acts. The event is a culmination of the research that the two artists are sharing, where they have been exploring intersections between Greek and Korean Mythologies, through the concept of ecofeminism. The artists aim to promote intercultural connections and myths as a form of knowledge while bringing elements of nature worship and its strong relationship with womanhood. This collaboration celebrates respect, changes, and cycles. Throughout the three acts, the artists perform offerings as appreciation for nature's interventions and prosperity, and as recognition for guidance in their journey of self-awareness. Curated by Beatriz Lobo -------- The performance was performed at GoMA on the 7th of March 2020.

NOWYOUSEEUS project poster

NOWYOUSEEUS is a progressive online research led activist project about Identity as seen through the lived experiences of womxn of colour with afro-caribbean textured hair.

The Hunterian Collaborative Project

Curators: Carol Dunn, Claude Chan, Hannah Braithwaite, Shalmali Shetty

Creative Connect Talk

Guest speaker talking to Creative Connect about being a Social Justice Curator in 2020.

Collaborative Project: Reclamation

Reclamation Poster

Slow Glass Publication logo

Design by Bianca Winberg

Slow Glass Edition One: Some Triangular Thoughts by Lauren Gault

Cover design by Bianca Winberg

Some Triangular Thoughts launches 31 August 2020

Slow Glass Edition One: Some Triangular Thoughts by Lauren Gault

Images Reworked by Bianca Winberg // Image one: Lauren Gault, Centre of a Vortex, Northern Ireland, 2020 // Image two: Lauren Gault, Auroch, Northern Ireland, 2020 // Background: Lauren Gault, Lanthorn, photographed by Bianca Winberg, 2020

Slow Glass Edition One: Some Triangular Thoughts by Lauren Gault

Image: Some Triangular Thoughts, by Lauren Gault // Inner image: Lauren Gault, Corvus, Northern Ireland, 2019

Reclining StickMan

Stelarc, Reclining StickMan, 2020, installation view, photographed by Saul Steed, AGSA


John Butler, Gaitkeeper, 2020, video still, courtesy: John Bulter


John Butler, Gaitkeeper, 2020, video still, courtesy: John Butler

The Creation

Xiaolei Tian, The Creation, 2015, video still, courtesy: Xiaolei Tian

From My Bedroom to Yours: Vaginal Davis

Curator Grace Jackson introduces us to the work of Vaginal Davis.

Released: 2020.

From My Bedroom to Yours: Vaginal Davis

Pause or Pay campaign


EMERGENT WALKING STRATEGY - George Square to Pollokshields East booklet

Click the link to download the full booklet

Continue Reading EMERGENT WALKING STRATEGY - George Square to Pollokshields East booklet

Expanded Attitudes

Front cover of 60 page publication, 2020

Publication developed collaboratively between curator Hannah Benassi and artists Sean Ellcombe, Naomi McClure and Masaki Ishikawa.

Expanded Attitudes Publication 2020

Image: Sean Ellcombe, Surface and Light Exaggeration, 2020 Reworked by Hannah Benassi

Expanded Attitudes

Back page of publication, 2020

Expanded Attitudes - Poster

Image: Sean Ellcombe, Light and Surface Exaggeration, 2020 Reworked by Hannah Benassi

having been touched on the surface (cover)

Cover of the upcoming publication.


Cross or Not Cross

Authority & Freedom: Testing the Context

Healing in a broken world

Healing in a broken world is a 23-minute short film of the year 2020 and the process of healing from the trauma that this year may have caused. The video has been filmed by Scottish videographer Stewart Campbell. Using his camera as a third person as he weaves in and around his subject matter, Artists Barrie James O’neill and Penny Anderson. He asks the questions and dissolves the relationship between art and healing and using art as a form of therapy. The work emerges as an interwoven meditation on healing and therapy through art and music.

Healing in a broken world promo poster

DATA BEINGS (in progress)

Our data – organs without bodies are constantly flowing in cyberspace. But this seemingly intangible matter has a very physical form. We are collectively humming in muggy server basements, warehouses, farms. The electrical hum has become the anthem of a new generation of humans – data beings.

The project is a collaboration between artist Letta Shtohryn and curator Kat Zavada. The starting point of exploring the “data beings” phenomenon is the mysterious death of cryptocurrency founder Gerald Cotten. The physical body was not found, but happened to Cotten's digital body? The new speculation about Gerald’s digital afterlife will attempt to tackle issues around the economics of data beings, problematic aspects of digital labour and technology in service of the new modes of production.

The result of the collaboration will be the new chapter of Letta Shtohryn’s artistic speculation about Gerald Cotten’s afterlife titled “Crypto H(e)aven”. The project will have a digital and physical form. The launch of the digital part is planned for the beginning of December 2020. The physical show will happen when the stars will be aligned.

The result of the collaboration will be the new chapter of Letta Shtohryn’s artistic speculation about Gerald Cotten’s afterlife titled “Crypto H(e)aven”. The project will have a digital and physical form. The launch of the digital part is planned for the beginning of December 2020. When the stars align, a physical show will happen. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// More information about Data Beings research // More information about Crypto H(e)aven More information about the artist: Letta Shtohryn

WORKS ON WORKS (ongoing)

Works On Work is a platform for transdisciplinary collaboration, discussion and knowledge exchange; a digital environment to look into work-related dilemmas in modern society. The project aims to examine the future of work, post-work, power relations between employees and employers, technological opportunities and threats, work performance and its aesthetics. Through essays, podcasts, interviews, and design & art projects, it seeks to explore, analyse and comment on the rhizome of work and its ethics. The project was founded by Kat Zavada, Tillman Kratzer and Jeremiasz Rzenno. // To participate contact us via email:

HYPER HYPER podcast (ongoing)

There are some radical ideas too bold to be accepted now. Some of them will end up in the theory junkyard. Some of these ideas will become common sense. Hyper Hyper takes those fringe, but complex concepts and speculates on their of their possible impact on art and the artists’ situation. Each episode is a thought experiment in the form of ‘what if’.

Dear Lithium, - project website (homepage)

Research photograph (Cornwall, July 2020)

Research Photograph (United Downs, July 2020)

Research photographs (Gwennap, July 2020)

Dear Lithium, - publication

Name: Interview with Lingmei Huang Photo: Kehan Liu

Name: Interview with Hu Liu Photo: Kehan Liu

Name: “Taihe Art Space”1 Photo: Kehan Liu

Name: “Taihe Art Space”2 Edit: Kehan Liu

Authority and Freedom: Testing the Context

In this Semester 1 project, five students from the MLitt Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art) programme collaborated with two Master of Fine Art artists to explore concepts of authority and freedom in the public space.

Control Alter Delete

Semester 2 showcase of the overlapping subversive responses of 5 artists to surrounding structures of power, authority and influence on society.

Mask On

Poster intervention by Siguel, SWG3, Glasgow, 2020, Courtesy of Michael Cameron Hunter


Poster intervention by KMG, SWG3, Glasgow, 2020, Courtesy of Marianne Vosloo

Virus with shoes

Poster intervention by Dr. D, SWG3, Glasgow, Courtesy of Michael Cameron Hunter

Stuart Christie

Poster intervention by Roc Blackblock, SWG3, Glasgow, 2020, Courtesy of Michael Cameron Hunter

How to keep the workplace safe

Banner intervention, Priestcorp, Undisclosed location, Courtesy of Priestcorp

Introductory Poster

'this cloud may burst'

A publication presenting visuals and writings around the loss and preservation of memory with contributions from Debi Banerjee, Jenny Brownrigg, Sean Patrick Campbell and Katri Heinämäki.

Physical Copies

'this cloud may burst'

Get in touch if you would like a copy.

Price: £6 plus postage

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Publication Cover

'this cloud may burst'

A tad smaller than an A5 with 44 pages.

Price: £6 plus postage

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Content Page

'this cloud may burst'

Debi Banerjee

'this cloud may burst'

Content and Bio

Jenny Brownrigg

'this cloud may burst'

Content and Bio

Sean Patrick Campbell

'this cloud may burst'

Content and Bio

Katri Heinämäki

'this cloud may burst'

Content and Bio

Poster for 'In/Visibility: Presence in Performance'

'In/Visibility: Presence in Performance' in collaboration with the Hunterian Museum was scheduled to be a one-day event at the end of March featuring video works by Glasgow-based artist Ashanti Harris, a talk by London-based dancer Kate Coyne, a screening of Isaac Julien's 'Looking for Langston' (1989) by Glasgow-based curator Lydia Honeybone and a zine-making workshop organized by the Glasgow Zine Library. It was regrettably cancelled with the onset of the pandemic.

Poster for 'My Truth is Your Story'

This is one of the three posters designed for the collaborative project titled 'My Truth is Your Story' under the group 'the_bricolage' that featured artists from the Glasgow School of Art MFA. The exhibition was a one-day event showcasing works and performances at the historic Britannia Panopticon, Glasgow, held in the month of November 2019. Follow us on Instagram: @the_bricolage

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