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ODILE POSTIC (any pronouns)

Odile Postic (b. Florida, USA) is a video and performance artist based in Paris. She was born and raised in the southeastern United States and received her BFA from VCUarts with Magna Cum Laude distinctions in Kinetic Imaging and Art History. In 2022, she graduated from Glasgow School of Art with her Masters of Letters in Fine Art Practice and went on to pursue a career in academia while continuing to cultivate her studio practice from a residency in France.

In 2022, Postic performed her piece “USDA & FDA Presentation”. The performance took place at Baked Beans on the Doorstep at the Old Hairdressers and again at Strewn Taboos at the GSA Barnes Garage space. Postic performed under the character name Patty Winters. Patty is a lovable idiot from central Florida who works for the United States government and has an irrational fear of foreign seeds compromising national security. Postic passed out brochures she illustrated and lectured the audience over the hum of a 35mm projector with hand drawn slides.

Postic has taken her films on tour in the US and has shown works like iBooks (2019) in the 57th annual Ann Arbor Film Festival and the Imagine Science Film Festival in New York City (2019). iBooks is a short film that examines the physical body’s evolving relationship with digital interfaces.

Numbers not Math (2019) is Odile Postic’s undergraduate thesis film she produced during the final 2 years of her scholarship at VCUarts. The work manifests itself through paintings, writings, and performance and culminates in a 16 minute short film. Like the majority of her work, Numbers not Math uses pedagogy as a frame of reference in order to participate in its own critique. The film scrutinizes the new age mindfulness movement, institutional critique, neoliberalism and the founding principles of conceptual art.

Since 2019, Odile continues to work as a freelance animator for former professor and collaborator Orla McHardy on an exhibition and film titled Nightfeedz. This work is funded by the Irish Arts Council and the VCU Dean’s Faculty Research Grant.

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Patty Winters Performances
Patty Winters’ Office

Patty Winters Performances

While living in Glasgow, Odile started performing under the name Patty Winters. Patty winters is an employee of the United States government. More specifically, the Food and Drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture. Patty gives talks all over the United Kingdom educating audiences on the dangers of transporting foreign seeds, animals and other potentially invasive organisms into the United States.



Patty Winter's Welcome Video

This film is played on a loop in Patty's office. It is a rendition of Patty Winter's second performance which pertains to the issue of invasive animals in America.

Patty Winter's First Performance

A few bits and pieces of Patty Winter's first performance at the Old Hairdressers for an event called Baked Beans on the Doorstep on February 20th, 2022.

Patty Winter's Second Performance

Patty Winter's second performance took place at the MLitt Interim show "Strewn Taboos". The performance featured a brand new brochure and some updates to the original script.


Odile made a triptych of risograph and photocopied prints which visitors of Patty’s Office were free to take. The process of illustrating these posters and the brochures used in each Patty Winters performance aids in the creation of complexity in Patty’s character. The artist also just enjoys giving audience members something to take home with them to look back on the performance.


Illustration, digital and otherwise is a more constant aspect of Odile’s work and you should follow their instagram where she often posts drawings and comics.

Patty Winters’ Office