MArch Architectural Studies School of Architecture

Sarah Kanaujia

Repurposing Glasgow City Union Bridge: A visionary elevated park for urban renewal with a
building extension to cater to community needs.

In the heart of Glasgow, a piece of dormant land next to the iconic Union Bridge has caught the attention that holds within its grasp the potential to breathe new life into forgotten spaces and bridge the gap between history and modernity. The thesis proposes transforming the City Union Bridge into a visionary elevated park to revitalize Glasgow’s urban landscape. This project strives to honor and celebrate the city’s industrial history while tackling contemporary urban concerns by reimagining how underutilized infrastructure may be repurposed to serve local communities. It draws inspiration from the idea of adaptive reuse. The plot of land abutting the bridge would act as an extension to the green corridor that would serve as a pit stop for users, giving them access to the elevated park. Additionally, it would serve as an infrastructure of support for the amenities offered in the elevated park.

Activating green corridor

Activating green corridor