MDes Graphics/​Illustration/​Photography School of Design

Rohan Tandley Shankar Rao (He/Him)

As a Graphic Designer the world of science fiction inspires me, how technology and humans interact, and this fascination informs my work. I am a confessed tech enthusiast, following the latest technologies and developments. Through my study at GSA, I am developing an interest in typography. Along with my interest in emergent technologies, I was curious to explore ways in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning can adapt to explore new possibilities in type design applied to technology as part of an ongoing evolution of typography and communication practice in a contemporary social context.





My project is based on the idea of how new designers are forced to try and take short cuts dues to pressures when entering the industry, and placing myself at the centre of this, I am questioning my own practice of weather the usage of AI would be any beneficial for me as a graphic designer.

should I Use AI?

is taking shortcuts ok?

Am I a Designer now?