Innovation School: Outstanding Student Contribution Prize

Innovation School MDes Design Innovation & Service Design

Robert Capelle-Burny

With a background in digital design, creative direction and strategy, I have spent this past year studying and practicing service design to move towards service and systems thinking. Shaper, Plant, and Specialist are my Belbin Team Roles.

Indicators of Inclusivity

Indicators of Inclusivity

Indicators of Inclusivity is my masters project. It looks at culture, identity, placemaking, and decision-making in Edinburgh West.

Edinburgh is gentrifying. These changes are accutely felt in Gorgie and Dalry, in Edinburgh West. While some embrace the change, and the retail options and opportunities that come with the changing neighbourhood, others are left behind, or are priced out completely. How might we enable focused discussion (and not inflammatory Facebook bickering) around key issues in this rapidly changing area of Edinburgh? How might we empower the high steet so that they have more of a say in the future of Gorgie and Dalry?

My proposal is an online tool that enables better conversation to happen. It does this by giving users the ability to keep track of  issues they care about in Gorgie and Dalry, and to see other local residents’ points of view. It is a user-generated community archive and planning tool that supports discussion, decision-making, and awareness.

Indicators of Inclusivity

A look at the intersection of foodways and gentrification in Edinburgh West