MSc Product Design Engineering School of Design

Rahul Verma

I am a chemical engineer turned product designer. Solving problems and improvising designs has always fascinated me. This year at The Glasgow of Art, I learned to understand what happens behind the scenes for an idea to evolve into a product. With an interest in user experience, electronic products, toy design, and furniture design, I am looking forward to exploring and learning new things in the field of design innovation and engineering.

MSc PDE Projects
Introduction Project


DECIBELESS is an attempt to provide active noise reduction for people who need modular solutions without permanent changes to their living environment. Many people rely on passive solutions like acoustic foams, basic earbuds, or soundproof glazing for noise reduction. These are effective but respectively expensive, uncomfortable, or extensive permanent structures. White noise devices or noise-cancelling headphones also have limitations and auditory health risks.

Decibeless is a noise reduction roller blind designed to provide an easy and comfortable alternative for existing noise-cancelling products. In a user environment like Study Rooms, Office spaces, or other similar personal spaces, Decibeless exists like a regular roller blind with the same installation and user properties. Decibeless can be used by everyone capable of using a standard roller blind and equipped with a rig of ultrathin speakers designed and optimised with flexible PCBs, microphones, and a processing unit at the top.

Introduction Project

Rain O Shine Final Video Demonstration