MDes Graphics/​Illustration/​Photography School of Design

Qing Zhang (Qing)

As an illustrator and animator, my practice responds to my observations of the
world around me. Observational drawing is at the heart of my work allowing me to explore the world and my inner self


Monster in The Forest
Sweet Doll

Monster in The Forest

Children and forests are beautiful products of the world. The more modern and convenient life, the more need for pure things. Through this project, I want to show that children escape from the indifferent city and get the most direct happiness by participating in the primitive party with the elves in the forest. Feel the charm of nature and primitivism. I want to reflect on life in modern society, leave behind nationality, history, identity, city and nature, and get happiness.

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Sweet Doll

“The Sweet Doll’ project is a short animation exploring gender roles and the societal expectations of young females in China. These societal norms currently objectify women. In China, women are often described as “vases”, meaning “beautiful ornament”.

Sweet Doll