MSc Product Design Engineering School of Design

Prakher JS Josan

A Design Engineer who strongly believes in a correlation between Design and Engineering. I believe that this relationship is key to adding value and ensuring that a product is marketable. I have a passion for user-centred design and user research. I particularly enjoy the early stages of design projects. Additionally, my technical background and knowledge allows me to generate realistic and logical designs. I’m not afraid of a challenge and love to get my teeth into problems. I am a very hands-on designer who has always loves being creative in the workshop and exploring many different areas from industrial, product engineering, UI and concept etc.

Smart Med-Assistant

Smart Med-Assistant

The Smart Med Assistant is designed to keep your medication schedule on track. It also ensures that the correct medication is taken on time, stores medicines in lab-like conditions, keeps a note on the stock of medicine and makes it easier to manage medicines on the go with a travel module. Patient’s Doctor and loved ones can be kept informed of patient’s progress and adherence to the prescribed course of medication.

User Group:
Designed for patients who need to consume long-term medication ( 6-24 months) and for patients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Design Goal:
To ensure the patient is only responsible for consuming medicines and does not have to worry about maintaining them.