MLitt Curatorial Practice School of Fine Art

Polly Gordon (She/Her)

Curatorial Statement

Due to a paradigm shift in the past twenty years that has interlaced our daily offline existence with virtual complexity, cyberspace is no longer viewed as an escape from identity binaries of meatspace but rather as a continuous feedback loop. To disrupt the cycle, a radical intersectional intervention must occur to adapt to these realities to create a future that emancipates every human – online and offline. By paying close attention to subjectivity, emotion and embodiment in conversations surrounding our experiences of the online world, Polly Gordon’s curatorial approach aims to develop a collective method of understanding one another to further build our knowledge of the world around us and in our pockets.


Curator’s Biography

Polly Gordon is a curator, writer and researcher living and working in Glasgow. She earned her Scottish MA in History of Art from the University of Glasgow in 2022 and has completed her MLitt Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art) the following year. Her research interests in Cyberfeminism and Xenofeminism have led her to explore theories of gender abolition and the plausibility of the Internet becoming a space for self-expression and identity exploration.

Instagram: @pollyygordon


Salamanders is a contemporary Cyberfeminist group exhibition of multimedia artworks that explore how our existence online impacts who we are away from the keyboard. The in-person exhibition presents digital artworks by Chaerin Park, Szonja Szendi, Ellen Crofton, Irma Beširević and Iris May.

Salamanders confronts us to introspectively assess our relationship with technology as it increasingly intertwines with our everyday lives. Accompanying the digital media artworks displayed on projectors, flat screens and light boxes is an exhibition essay in both printed and CRT video format. The essay reveals personal reflections of the artists and curator, observing how modern technology has served as an extension of ourselves and how this has an effect on our basic human needs.

Chaerin Park 'y0urkingd0m' 2022-23

Image of Salamanders Exhibition Installation

Salamanders Publication, Graphic Design by Emily Peat.