MLitt Curatorial Practice School of Fine Art

Mollika Khandelwal (She/ Her)



What is the ‘purpose in worldbuilding’? Through a layered and interdisciplinary approach to exhibiting different narratives formed through research and fiction, ‘Sandbox’ aims to illustrate the nuance of escapism and the power of fiction in our daily lives.

‘Sandbox’ brings forth the reality created by the artists to its audience. It explores the communicative role of fiction by engaging with the environment and object as a two-way street and seeing the “world as process” to communicate specific ideas. In worldbuilding, the communicative role of fiction engages in not only the content but the process of its creation and speculation, resulting in a communicative experiment. The exhibition juxtaposes sculpture, print, video and audio artwork to explore the dynamics between reality and fiction. The idea is realised through collaboration with Ditte Kroyer, Jennifer Elizabeth McNeil, Kathleen Crilly, Syautra Qotrunadha, and an excerpt from an in-depth conversation with PhD in Philosophy candidate Christopher Lynch Becherer.

Mollika Khandelwal is a curator working in Delhi and Glasgow, with a background in television production and a master’s in environment, culture and society from Lancaster University. Her curatorial practice explores theories in the overlaps of worldbuilding and escapism through speculative fiction, drawing on philosophy and psychoanalysis to understand the catharsis escapism brings in an interdisciplinary, layered approach to research and display.