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Nomadic Inflatable Gear

Nomadic Inflatable Gear

Hikes in the Arctic Circle made me pay more attention to the interaction between organisms and the environment. I feel like a local that I am connected to the land and creatures beneath my feet, as if everything around me is tightly connected in a vast ecosystem. This rethinking helped me approach the planet with more humility and inspired me to think about my responsibility for life and climate change.In the context of cold migration, this inflatable gear is seen as a ‘community’ of ground and water. The Inuit igloo culture inspired me to think about more horizontal social structures.

I focus on traditional gut parkas, research inflatable buildings and clothing, and conduct material experiments, such as aerodynamic materials, biomaterials and other methods to extract silhouettes and textures. Then combined with the traditional Inuit way of life, including igloo and kayak, Clo3d was used to present the concept of community. Also, degradable bio-materials such as fish skin, sheep casing and birch bark were sampled as digital materials.