MDes Interior Design School of Design

Mangmang Li

The third phase of my design focuses on re-imagining the form of the home of the future. By exploring the definition of ‘home’ and what it means to different female migrants, a new utopian form of community living is created for them. In my project, I will explore how space can be utilized to create a sense of belonging and ritual for migrants and how it can provide them with a new way of living. I will explore the balance between public and private spaces and how to create multi-functional areas. The images express an image of my future home through research and exploration.

My first project proposes a new type of space – a barter community – by examining the potential of existing buildings and spaces. The second project creates new spaces by examining the definition of balance and the connection to the site. The two semesters have allowed me to understand different types of design approaches.

As an interior designer, I am interested in the direction of transforming old architectural spaces. I am passionate about researching how various concepts relate to old buildings and how they can be combined. I also enjoy studying domestic objects and furniture, breaking down their inherent functions and exploring the objects’ meanings.