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Lihong Weng

Hi, this is Lihong Weng from China. I am an Interior designer keen on experiencing spaces and the relationship between human emotions, behaviors, and spaces. How to deal with the relationship between human behavior and emotion and space is my important research direction. My background of this project is through the experience of learning and working. I found that people are more and more anxious about life as they experience more and more things. People always attribute the unhappiness of life to bad luck. I focus on researching how people feel about these. But those bad memories are not all sadness, so I want to highlight this truth from the opposite side so that people can treat these memories correctly and live happily.



1.Project Introduction:

This project is an experience space that combines reality and virtuality about memory. It is mainly through this experience that people can correctly treat those bad memories and realize the importance of memory to people’s growth to get rid of anxiety and live seriously. The theme of this experience space is “MEMORY PAWNSHOP.” The pawnshop means to delete memory by trading and make oneself relaxed by deleting memory. The theme space story: come here when someone feels anxious, become an emotionless person by constantly deleting memories, but finally, realize the
importance of memories and repurchase them, and then experience life again extraordinary. The space is divided into two parts: the pawn shop and the bedroom. The part of deleting memory is completed in the virtual space experience, and the space flow line is reflected by investigating the bad memory space divided into four different situations. The importance of memory is reflected through comparing experience changes in two spaces and the process of constantly deleting memories. Through these negative cases (bad memories), people are aware of the additional benefits (lessons and experiences) brought by these memories. This experience space combining reality and virtuality, through the assistance of science and technology, makes people more immersive to achieve the goal.

2.Design Research:


This is pawnshop. It is divided into three parts: the pawn shop, the VR experience room, and the bedroom. The part of deleting memory is completed in the virtual space experience, and the space streamlines reflected by investigating the bad memory space divided into four different situations.

PAWNSHOP: This space is the first space, and also the main entrance space, where this experience space begins. This space has a reception desk and storage cabinets for VR experiences. The front desk is mainly used to register information and receive game coins (the game coins are used for the final experience part.), and the VR experience storage cabinet is used for trading game coins and VR discs.

VR Experience Room: This place is the primary virtual experience space. It is mainly divided into four experience themes for people to choose from. People can experience the freedom they want to participate in the experience savings cabinet.

Bedroom: This is the last part of the experience space. This space will reduce the space furnishings according to the experience of deleting memory that people choose. It will be synchronized with the VR room so that people can feel the emptiness of “losing memory” and realize the importance of memory.


Four themed spaces:VIOLENCE, STUDY, LOVE, WORK


3.Space Story Background

Background story:
You sell your memory because you want to relieve stress, but once or twice doesn’t make you relax, so you sell it again and again, you sell out your memory, but the consequences are you become a person who can’t cry or laugh, like a robot without emotion, who only acts according to the inertia of the body. It costs a lot to get your memories back, you spent all your money to get them back, and although you have no money, you feel full, your life is rich, and you don’t feel anxious anymore.


4.Experience Flowchart

STEP 1. Pick up the keyword card at the door (these are several topics about memory), then take the card and enter the PAWNSHOP.
STEP 2. Register personal information and receive game coins at the front desk.
STEP 3. Enter the cabinet area, select the corresponding box with the card in your hand, and exchange game coins and VR experience discs.
STEP 4. Then, enter the VR experience room to experience the theme space.
STEP 5. Finally, enter the Bedroom (this is the interior furnishings will gradually decrease with your experience, that is, the “deleted memory,” and finally become an empty area.) You think about whether to delete the next theme memory. If so, go back to the cabinet area and repeat step3 – step5.
STEP 6. Then, in this empty room, you feel the importance of memory. It makes your life colorful, and then go back to the cabinet area, put the game coins and VR discs in your hands into the corresponding theme boxes, and take away the card that was put in at the beginning (representing the retrieval of memory).
STEP 7. Finally, you return to the Bedroom, which restores its prosperity and becomes even brighter.



This project is an experience space about memory, an experience  space that combines physical and virtual. It is mainly through this experience that people can adequately treat those so-called bad memories and realize the importance of remembering for human growth. It explicitly studies people’s attitudes and emotions towards bad memories and the impact of these memories on humans, and how people should treat them correctly. Theoretical research and questionnaire surveys were carried out, and the results showed that there are many people in this society because emotions affect their lives. It is essential to develop positive thoughts to look at these emotional memories. The results of this study mean that alleviating anxiety is very needed. Through this experience space, people can establish a positive attitude to treat memory, not care about those bad memories, and cherish happy memories more. After all, life is one’s own, no matter what. Live well, live well.




Functional Division

exploded diagram


There are many manifestations of violence, among which the most common and serious are school bullying, domestic violence and online violence. This collage reflects violence through pictures, tears, accusations and sadness, and the whole effect gives people A tangled, depressed feeling.


Taking China as an example, because China has a large population, the competition for learning is greater, and everyone's learning tasks will be more onerous. Happiness and various practical experiences, there is no time to relax and rest, which makes the body and mind more stressed.


Many people have had one or more unforgettable love experiences. They have broken up but have been missing, and they want to forget each other by deleting their memories.


All kinds of pressures in life, work pressure: the leaders make things difficult and the sadness of being powerless to themselves, as well as the difficulties faced by many people in finding a job. Financial stress: raising a family, being unable to make ends meet, etc.

experience line



Renderings 2





You can scan this QR code to experience this PAWNSHOP.


Here is a video example of this experience space.