MDes Graphics/​Illustration/​Photography School of Design

Liangda Huang

As a graphic designer with a focus on brand design, I explore various ways of expressing a brand’s core message through various forms of expression. In my view, a brand is the concrete expression of an abstract concept, and it can tell its story in different ways through design. In addition, I am constantly learning new knowledge and exploring new visual languages, striving to become an interdisciplinary designer. By combining graphic design with content from different fields, I hope to present diversified and interesting design materials. As a result, I will be able to keep my creative motivation and keep up with my designs.

Rubbish outside of bin

Rubbish outside of bin

I began to think about humans and nature during COP26, and garbage is a suitable medium for illustrating that connection. Rubbish is the product of human society, which is thrown away after use. The purpose of my work is to redesign the garbage we ignore so that people are more aware of the connection between humans and nature. I was inspired by the approach of coding to simulate how garbage changes in the environment and visualize it as graphics. I designed an exhibition series based on this visualization design.



Main poster

Series poster

typeface code-based