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Leon Elsa Baby (She/Her)

I am an Architect and Interior Designer with a diverse background spanning Bahrain, India, and Scotland, which fuels my passion for crafting spaces that seamlessly merge functionality and aesthetics. My design journey is an ongoing exploration of how spaces can narrate stories and evoke emotions, underscored by my dedication to sustainability, as exemplified by my thesis on fabric-infused flooring.

Fueled by transformative internships, my keen interest in Furniture Design has grown, igniting my creative spark. I firmly believe that perfection and artistry converge in intricate details, and I see each space as a unique narrative waiting to be unveiled.

I commenced my career as an architect and fell in love with interior design through internships and work experiences. Subsequently, I pursued a Master’s in Interior Design from the Glasgow School of Art, broadening my horizons and encouraging me to experiment beyond the traditional approaches. With critical thinking, leadership, attention to detail, and an open-minded approach, I thrive in venturing beyond conventional design boundaries.


Stitching Sustainability
Glasgow: Where Tradition meets Creativity – The Hub

Stitching Sustainability

The “Stitching Sustainability” project encapsulates a transformative exploration into sustainable luxury, amalgamating Glasgow’s textile heritage, innovative material design, and conscious consumerism. Through rigorous analysis of repurposed textile waste cases and an investigation of sustainable practices in Glasgow’s fashion landscape, the project crystallizes the potential of innovative material creation within luxury fashion interiors. Grounded in theories of sustainable design, circular economy, luxury branding, and narrative psychology, the project articulates a new narrative: luxury and sustainability are not adversaries, but symbiotic allies. The culmination is the birth of “Heritage and Haute,” a luxury brand that redefines opulence through responsibly designed fashion items and innovative flooring materials. By strategically utilizing materials created from textile waste and weaving narratives of responsible consumption, the project pioneers a novel approach to luxury retail—one that crafts a vivid tale of eco-conscious elegance. The chosen site, the historic former Teacher’s Building, resonates with Glasgow’s textile legacy, culminating in an immersive experience that merges history, innovation, and aesthetics. Ultimately, the “Heritage and Haute” project emerges as a manifesto for change in the fashion industry, propelling a dialogue where sustainability is the hallmark of luxury, and conscious consumerism transforms from choice to compulsion.

Glasgow: Where Tradition meets Creativity – The Hub

Transforming a former car park, the Cultural Hub emerges as a dynamic and innovative addition to Glasgow’s creative landscape. Once an industrial city, Glasgow’s rich artistic heritage earned it recognition as the UK’s top cultural and creative city by the European Commission. Capitalizing on this legacy, the Hub repurposes the car park into a vibrant space that bridges tradition and creativity.

By studying coral reefs and abstract interpretations of form and color, the project draws inspiration from the natural world and experiments in art, theater, and film. Infused with Glasgow’s history, the design uses modular furniture and a palette reflecting the city’s culture and creative energy. This adaptable space is not only visually striking but also functional, capable of hosting a range of events.

The heart of the project lies in nurturing emerging talent. As Glasgow’s creative scene thrives, providing opportunities for young artists and designers becomes paramount. The Hub offers exhibition, performance, workshop, and studio spaces, fostering collaboration, skill development, and exposure. Addressing the limitations of the car park, innovative design elements were integrated, taking cues from earlier research and reimagining the space’s potential.

“Glasgow: where tradition meets creativity” perfectly encapsulates the project’s essence. Seamlessly blending Glasgow’s historic artistic heritage with contemporary creativity, the Cultural Hub revitalizes urban space. By showcasing emerging talents, offering educational opportunities, and embracing Glasgow’s unique identity, the Hub becomes a dynamic testament to the city’s enduring cultural legacy.