Chair's Medal for Fine Art 2022

MLitt Fine Art Practice School of Fine Art

Len Goetzee

Expiravit! A Live performance 19.08.22

Expiravit! A Live performance 19.08.22

Seeking a state of bewilderment through a trans methodology of collapse and dispossession via an un-building of autobiography, they dismantle delineations between music, voice and the written word to excavate a past enmeshed with the non-human+ more than human. Through vocal performances they inhabit onto-epistemological encounters with time-traveling bunnies, E numbers in bubble gum and mugs at B&M. Binaries breakdown and temporalities become twisted into entanglements; an anti-propulsive practice reversing into queer resistance and into old futures.

A handsome trans masculine hunk dressed in white stands solid mid performance between two speakers on stands against a pink wall illuminated by pink and blue light.

Lil' Haystack; Who Ne'er Combed Their Hair Nor Wore a Frock

Excerpt from full piece.

A handsome trans-masculine hunk is captured mid performance. They stare menacingly towards you, arms back as though caught mid-flap. They are illuminated by a green light.

Lil' Haystack; Who Ne'er Combed Their Hair Nor Wore a Frock

An excerpt

An audience are captivated by a handsome trans-masculine guy reading from a small book.


Opening night 19.08.22.
Kneeling on the ground mid-performance is a hunky trans-masculine guy. The wall behind them is pink but the light illuminating them casts a blue mood. In the immediate foreground someone holds open the pink publication containing the words and lyrics.


An excerpt

An outrageously handsome trans-masculine guy kneels before a captivated audience, caught mid performance.


A live performance 19.08.22
A hunky trans-masculine fellow is dowsed in a green-tinged light caught mid performance. A captivated audience look on. The moment is caught at sunset and the sunlight is making window shapes on the walls.


The Live Performance.
Anexceedingly handsome trans-masculine guy is caught mid reading, staring whistfully into the distance. He is surrounded by a captivated audience.


Live performance; the reading.
An exceedingly handsome trans-masculine guy is doused in blue light. With arms spead in dramatic fashion they sing out with passion and intensity.


Full track

A pink wall with a shallow shelf displaying a pink publication. A speaker on a bracket is to the right and above the shelf to the left the words Expiravit! A live performance 19.08.22 can be seen.


The presentation.
Cover of a publication containing the words and lyrics to the show. The book is pink and reads Expiravit! Live Performance 19.08.22.

Pink Publication

A book of words and lyrics to support the live show.

Lil' Haystack

Excerpt 3

Pink page from the publication supporting the show. The words are positioned in a playful way and read; ' slowly but surely they opened their eyes and looked in the mirror and to their suprise the reflection they saw looking back no longer resembled our Lil' Haystack. They'd gone and turned into a pork pie. But no one seemed to notice, Granny didn't even notice. Stunned and confused they were led from the room leaving lots of little flaky bits of pastry behind them oh no. How so? How can this be, what's happening to me?


Lil'Haystack; words
Pink bookleys are displayed on a shallow pink shelf set on a pink wall.

A pink publication