MDes Graphics/​Illustration/​Photography School of Design

Lara Glynn (She/ Her)

An Irish illustrator and designer. I like to listen and tell stories. I’m passionate about meaningful design that is often concept-led. I am excited by the potential of design to connect and grow communities, visualising mundane and unifying experiences. My design is driven by play, curiosity, experimentation and a love for creative image-making. I deliver beautiful, crafted and user-centred solutions across print, digital and motion, often following lots of quick experimentation. I love being part of a team and adding value to interdisciplinary dynamics.

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Rua – The tale of an adventurous red fox in the city

Rua – The tale of an adventurous red fox in the city

Both Dublin and Glasgow are full of city foxes. They dart in and out of shadows, sometimes brazen, sleek, and fast. Where are they going? What are they doing? We know they eat our pet food, steal our shoes…

I have written and illustrated a book for children about these foxes, adjusting to city life from the edges of the countryside, with adventures that sometimes land them in trouble.I follow Rua the fox’s adventures, with illustrations that enhance the storyline. Using printing methods playfully, such as mono printing and collagraph in this children’s book, Rua discovers how to belong in his community, opening that conversation for all of us about finding our place and playing our part.