MLitt Curatorial Practice School of Fine Art

Kitty Alvarez (she/her)

Kitty Alvarez is a curator whose practice is rooted in a decolonial feminism inspired by Lola Olufemi’s Feminism, Interrupted and bell hooks’ all about love. Her current research explores print and distribution cultures and the ways that this can be utilised as a mode of exhibition-making that follows feminism and a love ethic.

Alvarez’s research has culminated in the zine, Dear you, which consists of loose pages that can be (un)bound, rearranged and added to as the reader wishes, to create their own version of the published exhibition. The first issue of this publication featured artworks alongside scans of readings that explore love and letters written by the contributors and Alvarez that invite the reader to contemplate these thoughts themselves. Space has been left between pages for the reader to enter into this conversation if they wish to do so, by jotting down their thoughts or adding pages of their own. Dear you, aims to present an exhibition as an entry into a conversation, rather than offering a single narrative and is the first of a series Alvarez has created that will be continued beyond her master’s course.


'Dear you,' Launch

20th July 2023 at Good Press

Stickers and binders

'Dear you,'

One version of the zine created by a reader at the launch