MSc Product Design Engineering School of Design

Junyao Wang

A good product should be usable-centered, useful, and usable, which has always been my guiding philosophy. As a designer, I appreciate putting myself in the position of the user in the design process, with empathy and understanding. This way of thinking inspires me with a lot of user-centered creativity and ideas. As an engineer, I am fascinated with ingenious mechanics and the simplest and most effective solutions to challenges. In my major project, I focused on those who had cognitive impairment and aimed to assist the user and his family in identifying normal aging from dementia for early treatment.



If dementia is diagnosed at an early stage, the patient could be able to live as normal for seven to ten years with medicine or even reverse it. Unfortunately, most patients with dementia are generally discovered at a late stage, living just three to four years, and are associated with aggressive tendencies and significant memory loss. Therefore, early diagnosis is crucial to solving this problem. To acquire a report on cognitive health and evaluate whether a user is at risk of developing dementia, I track and analyze the user’s reading behavior, including eye movements, time spent reading each time, and frequency. It is necessary to contact a doctor if there are more abnormal behaviors over an extended period (one or two months).



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